Dear Kids, 

I would like to take you today to the building world of Senegal to the Bassari, an ethnic group living in the southeast of Senegal in Kédougou.

They are world-famous for their way of life in harmony with nature.

The traditional round huts made of clay and covered with grass stand for an environmentally conscious use of resources.

The clay for the construction of the huts is extracted directly from the ground on site.

When the house is no longer inhabited, it simply falls apart and goes back into the cycle of nature.

Did you know that the new, modern Museum of Black Civilizations in Dakar, Senegal, is modelled on this round hut: artists* from all over Africa and artists* from the African Diaspora exhibit their art there.
Here you can read more about it.

For smart brains


Do you know a house built of clay that is in your home town?

How do you live and what building materials is your flat made of?


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