So that you understand how it works, please read the next lines carefully:

We have divided our GNG Home School into different topics/countries. Each country/topic has at least 4, but often 12 learning fields. These open one after the other.

The learning fields

Each field of learning is supervised by one person, we call them educators*. In the learning field there are videos, games, coloring pictures and much more on a specific topic.

In each learning field there is also a chat room/commentary function. There you can get in contact with the other students.
There you can also ask the teacher if you have not understood something. Please remember, in our GNG Home School we are friendly and respectful with each other.
There is a quiz at the end of each field of study. Once you have solved it, you will be unlocked for the next learning field.
After passing 4 fields, there is an online game. In this game you can show what you have learned and compete with others. If you can solve all tasks of the game, you can continue.


And now choose a topic,

if you see only one topic here, then have a little patience. Maybe you will work through the first country and in the meantime the next buttom will appear on this page.

We are looking forward to you
Your GNG Home School Team

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