Our School

Ferienworkshop Nigeria/Potsdam

Our GNG Home School is a global place of free learning.

We meet on a digital platform in a diverse and discrimination-sensitive environment.

We decide how, where and when we want to learn.

The GNG Home School Team

Ferienworkshop Potsdam

Our team consists of pedagogical staff, lecturers and volunteers who have long working experience in their fields of competence and are trained in dealing with children and young people.

Our team, these are mainly parents in the home office. They work with full commitment to make your stay at GNG Home School as simple and pleasant as possible.

This is how the GNG Home School works

Africa Youth Day

We have divided our Home School into different learning fields, so you can decide how long you want to work on a learning unit.

Each learning field has different interactive learning games that test what you have learned and collect coins. You can exchange these coins for playtime.

High quality education should be accessible to all

GNG Home School is an ideal.
It is our attempt to create an extracurricular learning space where our children can meet intercontinental.
We are convinced of the usefulness of this activity and are constantly evaluating it.
There are three ways to support our work:


It’s simple, give us honest feedback. Each learning field has a feedback page. Especially helpful for us is information about the handling and the content. What did you like, what difficulties did you have, what do you wish for….


By donating, you can help to ensure that our team can be paid in the long term and that we can continue to expand this opportunity for global learning. We have prepared several possibilities for this.


You can get involved and support us voluntarily. Just write to us, we always need help in very different fields. you want to help?
Write us at: voloteering@gngberlin.de

Our rules

By registering, you agree to accept and respect our rules.


Just send us a mail to: